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OXACTIV CREME - A new cosmetic with a biological active oxygen complex

The oxactiv cream is a composition created by "ozone and olive oil" with various therapeutic properties. Made from cold-pressed virgin olive oil enriched with active oxygen (O3).

The ozonated oil helps cell growth and accelerates the healing of skin burns or ulcers . With the cream OXACTIV the cellular energy increases the skin with simultaneous disinfection of the respective area.

A balm in the foot care, soothes and cares at the same time, especially for feet after demanding footwork: intensive care with active oxygen.

The reaction products of ozone and unsaturated fatty acids, ozone peroxides and trioxolanes (active oxygen complex), kill bacteria and fungi and stimulate wound healing , in combination with rectal insufflation also as an effective lubricant suitable.

As a cosmetic especially suitable for problem skin, active oxygen stimulates the cell metabolism and causes sustainable skin vitalisation and regeneration (anti-aging effect).

Recent scientific research has shown that biologically active oxygen is released through skin contact with the unique complex of active ingredients.

Oxaktiv helps to activate the cell metabolism and the body's own radical scavengers (antioxidants) according to the biological principle: free radicals can be trapped, which eliminates stress factors and positively influences the aging process of the skin.


  • healing

  • Skin problems, skin infections

  • burns, sunburn

  • Cracks

  • fungal diseases

  • veterinary medicine

  • skin care

  • Apply externally only as ointments!

  • Do not use for any internal preparation!

  • For all diseases, skin diseases and problems, etc., you should consult a doctor!

  • Test for compatibility on first use! If necessary, apply a thinner coating or use dermolisan soft or cocolisan


  • store it dry and cool/cold; Unopened for a few years, stable and effective to use

  • Recommendation: use 3-4 months after opening

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