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Natural products for your acid-base balance.

For 25 years, P. Jentschura brand has stood for high-quality basic body care products, excess base foods and regenerative oxygen applications. Nature in all its perfection serves as a role model for philosophy.

MorgenStund' is the full breakfast experience for the whole family. The base-forming porridge scores with valuable nutrients, lasts for a few calories long and is easily digestible. In short - the ideal basis for physical and mental performance.

When mixed with hot water, MorgenStund 'is prepared in the twinkling of an eye and becomes a pleasure with fruits, nuts, spices or even oatmeal. Whether at home or on the road - with the breakfast buffet, you and your family start the morning in a harmonious acid-base balance and a successful day.

TischleinDeckDich is the fabulously delicious quinoa millet meal, rounded off with a wealth of aromatic vegetables and herbs. Through a brief boil, the valuable ingredients are optimally opened up so that they are optimally utilizable for the organism. The high-quality carbohydrates also ensure a long-lasting and even supply of energy - for the extra dose of momentum in everyday life.

Simple, quick and individually prepared: TischleinDeckDich is in keeping with the acid-base balance, the varied and natural lunches for the home and office, the perfect snack or the light snack in the evening.


Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of basic body care with MeineBase. The basic mineral body care salt cleanses, nourishes and relaxes particularly intensively. The certified natural cosmetic product optimizes the self-lubrication of the skin and gives it a pleasant smoothness. MyBase with a pH of 8.5 supports the skin in its excretory function - for a conscious and natural care in the acid-base balance.

MeineBase allows - adapted to your individual wishes and requirements - a modern basic body care based on the model of nature. The numerous application possibilities make MeineBase an effective and harmonizing companion in everyday life - and that for the whole family.
With the power of more than 100 plants, WurzelKraft is the reliable all-round provider and the perfect partner when it comes to healthy nutrition. The omnimolecular natural food supports well-being and vitality for a life in balance - and the spoon for spoon.

WurzelKraft united in their unique quality and diversity the richness of nature in a glass. With its broadband spectrum, the food contains important nutrients and active ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals, essential amino acids and other elements in optimal bioavailability that make up our organism and which it needs for its many functions. Get to know and appreciate this precious treasure of nature.
It is said in the vernacular "against everything is a herb grown" - rightly, because the knowledge about tea herbs and their effects has been proven for centuries and is used successfully in naturopathic medicine and even in modern pharmacy.

Our finely balanced selection of 49 ingredients from the 7x7 KräuterTees is not only mild and wholesome, but also makes a valuable contribution to the support of a healthy acid-base balance.

The tea with its unique recipe of selected herbs, seeds, spices, roots and flowers is a proven companion in everyday life and creates extraordinary moments of pleasure. With the 7x7 KräuterTee we use the entire "orchestra" of plant substances with all its secrets and its energy for your lasting well-being.

Hotly brewed in winter, as a refreshing thirst quencher with mint or lime in summer, but also as fruit spritzer, the 7x7 KräuterTee can be prepared individually. This makes our tea in every season for savory, refreshing and invigorating enjoyment. Discover, experience and enjoy the world of herbs with the 7x7 KräuterTee.
BasenSchauer, with its basic pH of about 7.5 and its valuable ingredients, provides a revitalizing and harmonizing care for every skin type. Moisturizing aloe vera, natural minerals and essential oils deeply nourish and refresh the skin, supporting it in its natural functions - resulting in a velvety soft skin feel.

The stimulating scent of the selected oils is a blessing for the senses. In addition, exquisite herbal extracts such as birch and lemon balm leaves in addition to hops flowers for a soothed and balanced skin.

The basic shower gel gives the ultimate freshness kick especially after exercise and actively supports the relief of the organism. In each bottle is also a small rock crystal. As one of the most important gems of this healing stone according to the traditions of St. Benedictine Hildegard von Bingen for strength and endurance - for clarity and vitality.

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