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Plasmolifting allows injections of autologous plasma into the body tissue and thus promotes tissue regeneration. The innovative development comes from Russian scientists and is recognized in medical circles worldwide.
This autologous plasma, which you choose for you, is obtained from your own blood. For this purpose, 10-60 ml (depending on the application) are taken from the blood and, using a centrifuge and the special biotechnological Plasmolifting ™ tube, a platelet-rich plasma is separated, which has a high stimulating regenerative effect.

What is Plasmolifting for?

The scientifically based method has proven to be very good for the treatment of numerous diseases proven and is also used preventively. Areas of application include:

  • aesthetic medicine

  • Traumatology

  • Stomatology

  • orthopedics

  • urology

  • gynecology

  • Trichology

In the field of aesthetic medicine clear skin rejuvenation effects can be achieved. They will be visible after the first application. The Trichology is used to treat hair disorders. The autologous plasma improves the blood microcirculation. This accelerates the metabolic processes in the cells and increases the immune system in the scalp. Also, the growth of bacteria causing disease can be inhibited by autologous plasma.

Stomatology, as well as orthopedists and traumatologists use Plasmolifting ™ technology to activate regenerative tissue processes. In gynecology Plasmolifting serves the treatment of various diseases of the reproductive system. The blood plasma of the patients is injected into certain areas. Sports medicine is the technology of rehabilitation after sports injuries such as bruises, fractures and sprains.

Application in sports medicine

In sports medicine, the Plasmolifting ™ technology is successfully used as a rehabilitation method after a variety of sports injuries (bruises, sprains, fractures, etc.).

The autologous plasma obtained using Plasmolifting ™ technology inhibits inflammation, reduces the sensation of pain and promotes the regeneration of bone, cartilage and muscle tissue. This method is extremely efficient both when used separately and in combination with other therapeutic procedures. If the autologous plasma treatment combined with other ¬ such as physical therapy, electrical myostimulation, reflexology, sports therapy and massages - treatment times for sports injuries and the duration of rehabilitation after surgery can be shortened.

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